Pan’s Pipes

Track 2 from Curse of Mercury [Play Pan’s Pipes]

This tune began as a system test. En route to my new home in Seattle I stopped in San Diego to visit Rob Medcalf, my long time musical cohort. I was installing a Pro Tools system on his laptop and came up with the basic parts on a whim just trying to test all his plugins and virtual instruments; as I remember I was trying to make Sample Tank work. My original demo was called “On the Beach” and was about getting one’s self together On the Beach as it were. Then I entirely reworked it inspired by the perspective of my amazing Seattle backyard and the things I imagined going on out there in the forest.

Pan’s Pipes  3:16

Why don’t you get yourself in order
Why don’t you get yourself together

It’s a simple thing to do
When the Full Moon comes in view
First you’ll have to build a fire
Then you’ll have to breathe the smoke

When you stand before that fire
You start to feel your Spirit rise higher higher

Up in the air where the clouds roll by
Up in the air where the Spirits fly
Deep in the woods where Forest Nymphs live
The Muse delights in hearing Pan’s Pipes
The Muse delights in hearing Pan’s Pipes

Such a simple thing to do
Align your points be sure that you’re in tune
From your circle under the Moon
Align yourself the time will be here soon

You better get yourself in order
Don’t just grasp you better reach
You better get yourself together
Don’t hold back don’t be weak
You better get yourself in order
‘cause here ain’t no one else

Lyrics/Music © 2009 Perry Emge
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Image ©Ben Crowe

“Curse of Mercury” is nigh-on real

Now Appearing

Now Appearing

Dropped the master at DiscMakers today. A little dizzy-making.

After all this time of working on the record (some of the songs have origins which go back literally decades) it’s a little unreal to be (so close to) done.

I have to say “so close to done” because even though I’ve completed the music and the artwork for the packaging–and it’s all been shipped off to the presses–until I have the finished product in my hands, it feels a little like, well, like it’s not truly completed and real. Just nigh-on real.

On the other hand, the music is done. All the way to completion. And even if the CDs never happen, the music has.