My Day Job

My roots go back to St. Louis Spring Co., the business which has been in my family since 1945 and that is still rolling out a fundamental, but rather unromantic, part of vehicles.

We hand-craft leaf springs–using the same tools and techniques that have generated millions of leaf springs over the decades.

What’s a leaf spring? Ah, Wikipedia gives some info about that.

Of course the world has changed immensely since those early days–as evidenced by how many folks no longer know what a leaf spring is.

However, this fairly simple steel structure remains an integral part of many vehicles, whether the local fire truck, a speedy hot rod, a golf cart, or a classic car lovingly restored.

And we continue to forge them in essentially the same way they’ve been made since the days when wagons ruled the roads. Fire, steel, and craftsmanship. Ring me up when you are in St. Louis; I’d be happy to give you a tour.