SCSI (the band)

Goth Darlings-Once upon a time in St.Louis


Sasha Feline, Perry Emge , dr.mabuse

Between neXt rAdio and the Ench Bros.(1998-2000) Doc and Perry backed up the charismatic Sasha Feline in a project called SCSI. Though they made a few regional forays into Columbia and Chicago, they curried the most favor among the goth audience in St. Louis and performed at some very well-attended performances in the Firehouse in Midtown. They released two CDs: “Other” on the Chicago diva-nation label [] and Watermark on the hungry ghost label. [] The sound was lush and dark over sensual medium tempo rhythms. The band had a humorous side too. They interspersed the drama with up-tempo covers of Romeo Void’s “Never Say Never” and a gothic send-up of a Xmas classic called “Mistress Grinch”.