Ench Bros.

The Ench Bros are Perry Emge & Michaele E Murphy. They released the CD Delphobia in 2004
Ench Bros Delphobia

Change Is Good track one from the CD Delphobia

Change Is Good

Catfish are jumpin’
But the clouds are rollin’ in
Buildin’ towers in the north west
Ready for the siege to begin
Jesture  made a joke last nite
Said ”all’s well that ends”
Now he’s nowhere to be found
Oh angle tell me can you hear that sound

Silence in the palace
Markets in the tank
Rich me are scrubbing blood staines
Off the steps of the bank
I studied nature ‘cause I was looking for relief
But the only thing I found that grows forever
Is disease
Are those enemy foot steps in the hall
Or just the pounding of my artery walls

Crowd went to dancin’
When the storm broke the heat
Didn’t even feel the river comin’ up
Around their feet

Change is good
So good they tell me
Change is good for you

I walked thru ghost towns
Whistling as I went
They say anticipation is always
Worse than the event
And that’s a comfort
If you can make yourself believe
Now the only thing that I can find to eat
Is the stale bread from a buygone feast
Bring it on    change is good………

Patience  track two from the CD Delphobia

[audio:http://www.perryemge.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/02-patience.mp3|titles=Patience|artists=Ench Bros]

How many more nites must I wait
How many more days will it take
I will be patient I will be calm
I will be waiting here
I will be waiting here when every one is gone

I follow the moon to keep track of time
I can’t watch the clock or I’ll loose my mind
Thousands of grains of sand sift thru the hour glass
The thousands of grains of sand couting moments we left behind

Follow your heart because you’re not alone
I’ll be with you when you come home
Kick off yur boots we’ll have a good laugh
The dust will settle at last
We’l selibrate the day and say what we have to say

How many more nites must I wait
How many more days will it take
Thosands of grains of sand sift thru the hour glass
I will be waiting here when every one is gone

Hollywood Disappeared  track three from the CD Delphobia

[audio:http://www.perryemge.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/03-hollywood-dissapeared.mp3|titles=Hollywood Disappeared|artists=Ench Bros]
Hollywood Disappeared

Whatever happened to Tsu Kung Tseng

She was the girl who had everything

She had the look and the thousand-yard stare

She had the aim and the will to fire

She’d take it off and she never blinked twice
When her agent sent her under the knife

You gotta move when your star is high
Cause you know it’s a crowded sky
They set as quick as they rise

There was nothing that she held dear
She never looked in her rear view mirror
She never let the focus get to clear
The reaper was close behind
And the rep that she chose to hide
Lay in wait for her deep inside

For a season she knew no fear
But sirens in the night are the last you hear
Of the Hollywood disappeared

The lens was her drug of choice
The microphone loved her voice
We were under the spell of her noise
Somebody said they saw her on a webcam page
Another said she cleaned his pool last May
But they all look alike at a certain age

You gotta move when your star is high
Cause you know it’s a crowded sky
They set as quick as they rise
They set as quick as they rise

She fucked the producer’s wife
He made a tape I heard they watched it twice
During breakfast for three, in the car
That’s how you get the part

Undress Me track four from the CD Delphobia

[audio:http://www.perryemge.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/04-undress-me.mp3|titles=Undress Me|artists=Ench Bros]

Undress Me
Undress me Examine me
Make a total mess of me
Caress me Inhabit me
Explore the darker side with me

The fire has gone out
And with it all the light
It’s another cold coal black night
The warmth has left your bones
A blanket is no help
You’ll just have to lay there
And suffer by your self

Be good to me Don’t hurt me
They say the truth will set you free
So talk to me I‘ll talk to you
And we will find our common truth

Undress me Examine me
Make a total mess with me

The curtain has been drawn
There’ll be no more dawn
All the love you had
Now you know is gone
I thought we had enough
But the baggage was to much
And I got left behind
With all the stuff

Five Centuries  track five from the CD Delphobia

[audio:http://www.perryemge.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/05-5-centuries.mp3|titles=Five Centuries|artists=Ench Bros]

Five Centuries
I have seen Quintin Tarentinos movies
And I like Alfred Hitchcock too
I like the scary bits that keep you on the edge
It’s like a little slice of truth
But what I really like’s the
Part where boy meets girl
You know that they will do what they must do
You know she’s a liar
He knows that he’s been fooled
But because they are suckers
They’ll do what they must do

I keep thinking I feel some thing
Every time I look for it I can’t find it
I can’t find what I want
I think I see it I think I feel it
But I can’t find it it’s not really there
Never was and now it’s clear
But I keep thinking that I feel something

I have read most of Shakespeare
And some of Dante too
I can relate to the trials and tribulations
Sometimes I feel like Hamlet too
I’ve seen the tombs in the wall at Santa Croche
So I read the Purgatorio
I red that book because I knew it held some truth
And I cried when I got to page two
Machiavelli and Michelangelo
they flank Dante on that wall
What a little difference five centuries make
When your dealing with the human soul

I hear a sound when I close my eyes
I want to bring it to the light
The sound I hear in the dark of the night
Lets me share my hear and live my life
This could be love so let’s not fight
And if it’s love lets get it right
I keep thinking I feel some thing
I keep thinking it might be love

Another Summer track six from the Cd Delphobia

[audio:http://www.perryemge.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/06-another-summer.mp3|titles=Another Summer|artists=Ench Bros]
Another Summer
Don’t you break my heart
The summer is coming on
I knew you at first glance
I knew that we would dance

I swear I hear our song
Can’t you hear it
Now the music is playing on
On-on & on now
I knew it from the start
Yes I knew it
That you would touch my hear
How you touch it

Can’t you feel it
The days are growing long
I know you feel it
Lets bring it to the light
Before another summer’s gone
Bring it to the light

Wet Wired track seven from the CD Delphobia

[audio:http://www.perryemge.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/07-wet-wired.mp3|titles=Wet Wired|artists=Ench Bros]
Wet Wired
Burned the bridges on the last day of school
Nobody’s paying for my time
Company made an offer that I couldn’t refuse
At 17 I was wet wired and on line
Four miles under Prudhoe Bay
Finding what the old rigs leave behind
I split a thousand miles of shale in 7 years
With carbide fingers and lasers for eyes

Company changed hands 28 times
You kinda get used to the notice
Quietly the quota jumps by a barrel and a half
As they change the logo on the harness

You try to live large
When they take you off the rack
The headaches get worse until they put you back
I heard stories about the guys who’d run
How the pain stopped everyone

Got aquatinted with the underground
When I realized I had nothing to loose
Holly men living near the roof of the world
Could cheat the wire and open the noose
So at 25 I made my run
I walked for days in the mountains of Nepal
Prayers were drifting thru the air like smoke
Rising from the roofs of the temples

I worked my keep in a pitch-black room
I learned their ways and ate their food
But it’s hard to cheat the satellite
At those kind of altitudes

Now I’m working off the penalty
Two shifts on and monitored sleep
I dream like a black & white TV
Grey skies behind my eyes
Even after I close them

Madame X track eight from the CD Delphobia

[audio:http://www.perryemge.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/08-mme-x.mp3|titles=Madame X|artists=Ench Bros]

Madame X
Eucid street is never long
Above the ground, that is
It always  looks like it dead ends
But I know it’s secret
It never ends at all but dives
Below the surface
Into a hive of  long forgotten and arcane geometry.

I walk it’s lonely caves
Until it surfaces again
Another cruel city
Empty eyes affecting pity
And the unrelenting whisper
Of wet rubber and rain

But the thing that they don’t realize
Is that I am it’s King
The king of Euclid street
King of all it’s courts and alleys
And wondrous caverns  that I , alone, have seen
But for one other pair of eyes

Once, there was queen…

You dropped your  dagger in St. John’s
Just another of the clues
That I added to the others I collect
And you know that that’s an item
You can ill-afford to lose
You’re gonna kill me with these worries
Madame X

scrubbing bathrooms in a bar
So that I could sleep indoors
I heard you when you whispered in the hall
I busted off a hinge
Raging as I ran
But the bastards wouldn’t tell me where you’d gone
I forgave them after all, though I shivered all night long
No honest  man could refuse to lie
If that was your command

We have met Oh! We have met
And you are cruel in your disguise
With your feigned incomprehension
And the fishnet veins your thighs
The blue of noble blood
Is impossible to conceal
No matter how you stain your lips
Or grind your hips
Or what you’re desperate enough  to steal

I Surfaced in St. Louis in an unbecoming hat
Disgraced in stale fashions
Exhausted and unshaven
I was turned away from every place I thought you might be at
And who can blame them?
I look, for all the world, like a beggar in the night
My station can’t be recognized
Until we reunite
At the faintest hint of your perfume
I madly fling my net
But the rain laughs on St. Louis streets
Like the ocean taunts the fisherman
Like the hounds disperse and lose the scent
You still maintain your innocence
Don’t you? Madame X

I shuffle down dim florescent halls
Dragging love like a tattered flag
I show the evidence to the locals
Your dagger and shoe on a string
and some of your teeth in a bag
Now, all the cities on my street
Have been turned completely upside down
I’m walking in circle
I know that you can hear me
Why won’t you turn around?

Visit  track nine from the CD Delphobia

[audio:http://www.perryemge.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/09-visit.mp3|titles=Visit|artists=Ench Bros]

First the dark, then the edges of things
to the dark adapted eye
My mind assures me I am dreaming
I know it for a lie

You lift your eyes to me
I am affraid to breath
Pinned by stage fright
On a stage so bare and new
Then my fear parts like a curtain
And I realize it’s you

Without a voice with out a touch
I feel your message in my hands

No dream would dare to tell so much ,
Then fade like letters in the sand
What can I tell our freinds
It was meant for me alone

Your gift leaves me stranded
Never felt  so far from home

Death is a fence  in an open field
We keep our distance from its track
But since that night   I look across
And wonder if your looking back

First the dark, then the edges of things
To the dark adapted eye

Garden  track ten from the Cd Delphobia

[audio:http://www.perryemge.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/10-garden.mp3|titles=Garden|artists=Ench Bros]

My wife’s garden is full of wires
Tangled in an unholy mess, I’d say, just below the dirt.
And from there, they go every which way,
to ostensible connections, furtheron: merging into trunks.
I’ve confronted her with this.
And she tells me that I’m crazy.
And I tell her that she’s lying – then she acts hurt.

Well, I know the drill. I know she’s not, but I know the drill…
And so later, when we lay in the thin euphoria of resolution
And the day is over and things have gotten dark and still.
The moment she’s asleep I start listening harder,
And through the floor and down in the ground I can hear faint humming.

My wife’s garden is full of flowers
Painting innocent nonsense characters on the air

Y’know you read in places about men, whose wives lead double lives.
And the minute that their backs are turned,
These demure demoiselles are off to Vegas
And there, in silk stockings and stiletto heels,
They clench exorbitant cigars in their perfect teeth while they roll
the bones
But that’s not what’s going on here
This is more subtle than the old angel/whore cliché.
And thus: more real and scary I think.
This is witchcraft refined with digital communication, herbal alchemy
translated by a cunning interface
I’m not talking about anything as club-footed as a wet wire
Something precisely moist , I suspect.
A whole apothecary, glyphs and symbols,
Propagating in fiber optic bursts, distributed with perfect reliability
To the other serene witches patiently monitoring, what,
For lack of a better term, I must call this network.

My wife’s garden is full of scents
Especially in the dark.
Jasmine pheromones emitted by pale, nearly colorless, blossoms
That unfold at sunset into shapes that remind of nothing if not
Satellite dishes.
And they turn as slowly as the hands of a clock
And with equal precision
Aligning themselves with the moon

I stay out of my wife’s garden.
After all, it’s her affair.
Look at her now… asleep beside me.
The undisturbed sleep of the just.
And here’s a wreck like me
Feeling vaguely haunted, mind buzzing in sputters like a modem
Frantically trying to negotiate a baud rate
Who am I to judge such plans

Palm Sunday  track eleven from the CD Delphobia

[audio:http://www.perryemge.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/11-palm-sunday.mp3|titles=Palm Sunday|artists=Ench Bros]

Palm Sunday
You hit town and they sent a car to get you
You demanded windows that were black
But it didn’t really help to keep your secret
’cause everybody knows you’re comin’ back

You arrive             And the cameras flash
You select that standard smile from your stash

You assume that every eye is fixed on you
But, behind you, a hand writes on the wall
While you flutter and you tease
The assembled crowd can see
A puppetmaster works you on a string
And you don’t see a thing

The minions you call friends are gathered ’round you
A border hedge gets careful cultivation
And if a word is raised that falls a little short of praise
Jealousy is the only explanation

You complain        About the velvet rope
But the secret is that it’s your only hope

I dreamed it was raining on us; shards of glass
But you’re the only one who’s getting cut
I dreamed I saw you breathless in an empty hall
A shattered mirror still rocking on it’s hook
Forever blue, you paint the sky
But all the things you’re haunted by
Are there for those who care to take a look
They could write a book

I dreamed it was raining on us shards of glass
Behind us, a hand writes on the wall
While we flatter and we preen
The innocent have seen
Vanity is a blindfold on us all
Rain’s gonna fall
Rain’s gonna fall
Rain’s gonna fall