Welcome back to the world of neXtrAdio.
neXt rAdio:
the Lineups:
1) 1990 -1993 tory z starbuck, dr. mabuse, Todd Mosby, Henry Claude, Will Hanson
2) 1993 -1995 tory z starbuck, dr. mabuse, Perry Emge, Tom Sutter
3) 1995 -1997 tory z starbuck, dr. mabuse, Tom Sutter Sasha Feline, Robleigh Majors
Our favorite sit-ins: Venus Slick, John Norment

According to it’s T-Shirt, neXtradio played ‘post-futurist caberetcore’ as good a name as any for the amalgam of glam, art rock, space funk and free-improv. The band’s face was tory starbuck [] (vocals, synths, guitar & violin), a ‘front man’ with a capital “F”. The stage show ran a wide gamut from opaque avant garde to melodic power-pop but the real message was the surreal juxtaposition of disparate genres. Until Robleigh Majors (conga, hand-percussion) was added in 1995, neXt rAdio never included a drummer in their live show, and they never employed a drum kit onstage. They preferred venues that booked them on regular night so they could build a coterie of followers (or, at least, onlookers) and they favored places that let them adorn the performance space with surrealistic props. Each lineup had it’s St. Louis Missouri haunt: Lineup 1, Cummels Café’ downtown, Lineup 2, Cheap TRX smart bar on South Grand , and Lineup 3, the WayOut Club when it was located on Cherokee St. Lineup 2 produced one CD, “Scordatura”, for razor boy records in 1994 and when the group finally disbanded in 1997, sufficient material for another CD project (working title: “Long Live The Jet Age”) was orphaned in the studio.
Sample Music:
“Visited Tonight”