Featured Album – Curse of Mercury

Pagan Soul

Track one from the CD Curse Of Mercury - [Play Pagan Soul] My intention behind this one was to write an over-the-top proclamation of desire for the … [Continue Reading]

Pan’s Pipes

Track 2 from Curse of Mercury [Play Pan's Pipes] This tune began as a system test. En route to my new home in Seattle I stopped in San Diego to … [Continue Reading]


Track 3 from Curse of Mercury [Play Human] The basic keyboard part this tune is built around is one of those little bits I have been working with … [Continue Reading]

She Came

Track 4 from Curse of Mercury [Play She Came] This tune is an oldie for me, but again one that I never was happy about the execution of until now. … [Continue Reading]

Shivering Fits

Track 5 on Curse of Mercury [Play Shivering Fits] This is a tune about sex, drugs, and rock & roll, pretty much in that order, because sometimes … [Continue Reading]

I’m With You

Track 6 from Curse of Mercury [Play I'm With You] Yet another remake of an oldie. This is impressionism plain and simple. I almost left this one … [Continue Reading]


Track 7 from Curse of Mercury [Play Transformation] I think of this tune as Song 1 on Side 2--if you remember the days of LP's, where when you've … [Continue Reading]

Another Circle

Track 8 from Curse of Mercury [Play Another Circle] This is one of my current favorites. It is meant to be something of a Zen-like poem. … [Continue Reading]


Track 9 from Curse of Mercury [Play Aggravations] One of my all-time favorite songs is Nat King Cole's "Nature Boy". I spent some time in voice … [Continue Reading]


Track 10 from Curse of Mercury [Play Milk] This is an example of the rare experience of capturing something you usually "forget". I sang this in my … [Continue Reading]

Colors of the Sky

Track 11 from Curse of Mercury [Play Colors of the Sky] This is it. The big closer. This song is the reason I needed to make the record. It is the … [Continue Reading]